Why you need customised software built FAST

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Why you need customised software built FAST 

January 15, 2019 

Written by Dylan Butler 

Business is Booming.

You’re under pressure to meet the demand of all the new customers you’ve worked so hard to reach. Your fantastic service is catching on, and you need to maintain consistency to ensure newcomers aren’t put off!

The processes you have relied upon so far might consist of spreadsheets, paper systems and accounting software. These have done the job previously, but are becoming overloaded with too much data to keep track of! Some bookings and orders might be falling through the cracks despite your best efforts and diligence to keep them up-to-date.

Outpost is here to help.

You need a system that adapts to your unique way of doing business. Forget ‘cookie-cutter’ programs that make you work around them. Get a system that is built specifically for YOUR business.

We’ll come into your organisation and learn about your unique requirements. We’ll then design a system that addresses your pain points and bottlenecks and significantly decreases admin time.

Best of all, we typically have your software built in a few weeks at a fair price, with nothing to pay until you are happy with the finished product. Fast, customised software is what your business needs if you want to capitalise on the next phase of growth.

You don’t want leads and customers falling through the cracks! Give your business the software infrastructure it needs to bridge the gap between your business opportunity and capability!

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