“I don’t think we can change that.”

Customised Business Software

“I don’t think we can change that.” 

January 17, 2019 

Written by Dylan Butler 

Do you use a business management program that is set in its ways? The type where you can’t request a change that you know would significantly improve your processes? And even if you can, it costs big bucks and takes months for the ‘customer service’ team to process your request?

How about a reasonably priced, customised solution? Outpost knows that your business requirements are unique to the way you operate. You do things differently to your competitors, and shouldn’t be held back by benchmark industry software that makes you work around its ‘cookie-cutter’ system.

After we have built your customised software, we can easily adjust it anytime. Simply submit a request to your account manager who will get back to you promptly with a price. With a quick turnaround time for customisations that don’t cost a bomb, you will be able to adapt, stay ahead of the pack, and continue to do business as efficiently as ever.

Don’t think cookie-cutter. Think customisation and competitive advantage.

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