“The technicians on site keep forgetting”

Customised Business Apps

“The technicians on site keep forgetting” 

January 21, 2019 

Written by Dylan Butler 

Tired of having to chase up team members for information? Maybe you’re struggling with paper-based forms that get lost, damaged or have sections filled out incorrectly?

Outpost’s smartphone app is the solution. Because Outpost iPhone and Android apps are cloud-based, they automatically link into your system and update information accordingly.

We can create customised forms, workflow processes and step-by-step checklists that capture the exact information you require. You can have compulsory fields so no key questions can be skipped, ensure photos are taken for documentation, and much more!

Performing high risk work? How about the Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) that need to be signed off and declared before work commences? Would you rather have copies of these forms straight away and not have to worry about the practicality of paperwork?

SWMS are made easy in the Outpost app with the signatures feature. This allows the site supervisor to get everyone to sign and immediately upload to the cloud for all stakeholders
to see. No paperwork to follow up!

Outpost makes it easy to be thorough and detailed when gathering information in your business. Stop wasting time chasing up details that can be systematised away: it’s the obvious choice.

Don’t wait for the competition to get ahead! Call Outpost today on (03) 8679 6560 or visit us at www.getoutpost.com.au to minimise your paperwork and streamline your onsite operations.