A Day In The Life Of Flash

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A Day In The Life Of Flash 

June 13, 2019 

Written by Dylan Butler 

Hearing about the cutting edge customised features Outpost can build for your business is one thing, but how does that look in practice?

Let me demonstrate by giving you a day in the life of my own business – Flash Window Cleaning!

Before I do, let me give you a brief background. We bought Flash in early 2015 when its day to day operations were being run with:

– fax machines to communicate jobs with staff

– cookie-cutter server based software

– loads of paper work

Naturally, we were determined to cut down as much data entry as possible- especially when it came to double-entry of information.

Outpost built us a cloud-based business management platform that immediately cut an estimated 12 hours per week of admin time.

That’s a lot for a 3 person business!

After many improvements to our processes, our typical day now looks something like this:

Night Before: Scheduling

– Jobs are allocated to staff members using a drag and drop Google-Calendar-style schedule

– Updates are reflected immediately on each staff member’s smartphone app (updates are live if the app is already open) to ensure that there are no delays or confusion due to last minute changes.

The result; no matter what the changes to the schedule, staff are always updated immediately (day or night)

During the Day:

Follow Ups:

Every Monday, our ‘Leads’ module gathers all once-off work orders that were completed 3 and 6 months prior. It then lists them in our ‘Follow Ups’ module for us to call or email during the week ahead.

The result; we are able to minimise the probability of any easy repeat business being lost or forgotten about.


When quoting, our technicians simply fill out a customised template, with mandatory fields to ensure that no pertinent information is missed. Some examples of mandatory fields are:

– The time of day work is to be completed

– Relevant site contact details

– Length and types of ladders

– Length of extension pole required

The result; information retention is maximised- we always have the important information we need to guide our technicians on site, regardless of who comes or goes.

On Site:

Outpost built us a work order form based on our own design, so we can show our staff the exact information they need to get the job done right every time.

The result: technicians have all information they need, resulting in greater autonomy. This means less calls to the operations manager.

Job Reports:

To generate a job report for a client, our operations manager simply clicks a button on a work order and drops in pictures. He then adds in a few details about the clean as well as any recommendations for the customer. From there all he has to do is click download and send. The report also includes the signature of the technician who completed the job.

The result: consistent professional reports sent to customers on a template designed specifically for us. The ability to create and send reports quickly, which improves customer service immensely!

That’s just a few of the benefits that our customised Outpost system brings to our business.

The best part is, we can add or change features anytime- we just send a request to the Outpost development team, who send us back a fast quote. Work is usually completed in 1-3 weeks, or even just a few days for some smaller changes.

Find out how a customised Outpost system could be adapted to suit the unique needs of your business. You’re guaranteed to increase time and cost efficiencies, and decrease stress!